What is a podcast?

The simplest way we’ve found to describe a podcast is by comparing it to a television program. Imagine your favorite TV show. It releases a new episode on a set schedule, usually each week. The same is true for a podcast; however, each podcast will have a different schedule for when it releases episodes. Some podcasts don’t even have a set schedule and just release episodes whenever (kinda like us right now).

What makes a podcast different than just a standard audio/video file is the ability to subscribe to a podcast. Imagine your favorite TV show again. Many people have a DVR (digital video recorder) set to record their favorite TV show so that they can watch it later. This is similar to how podcasting works, except you aren’t recording the podcast, it just shows up automatically in your podcatcher application when a new episode is released for each podcast that you are subscribed to.

What is a podcatcher application?
It is a computer program or mobile app that plays podcasts and manages your podcast subscriptions. iTunes is the most well known. There are also plenty of other podcatcher apps on both iOS and Android. Just search “podcasts” or “podcatcher” in your app store. Our How to Listen page will get you listening in no time!

Why listen to podcasts?
There are podcasts on any and every topic you can think of. There is most likely a podcast about your favorite TV show (no joke). Podcasts are basically on-demand radio shows about topics that interest you. Some people have the luxury of listening to music at work. We love music, but why not break it up and learn something new. It’s a wonderful medium to consume information. If you commute on public transportation, listen to a podcast. If you drive your car to work, listen to a podcast. Doing some chores around the house, going on a run, or walking the dog? Try podcasting. We think you’ll like it.